Ambiance campsite. Incl. electricity

Front desk
Bar, music, entertainment
Toilets and showers nearby
Breakfast and BBQ package available on order at the front desk
Snacks, food corner in the neighborhood
First aid

Walking distance to Circuit 7 minutes
Children up to and including 11 years of age free of charge.

€ 240.00 per vehicle and € 40.00 per person
(valid from Wed, 25 Sept. 14.00 to Monday, Sept. 30 noon)
Vehicle = camper, motorbike + tent, car + caravan/tent

• With a camping card you only have access to the campsite.
• It is not possible to cancel your booking.
• Prices are incl. Tourist tax and VAT.
• Monday afternoon after noon at your own risk.
• At the campsite the house rules of Event Camping apply.


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Event Details

Reservations Until:24/09/2019 00:00
Starts on:25/09/2019 14:00
Ends on:30/09/2019 12:00