House rules

Entering the site is entirely at the risk of the visitor. The organization is not liable for injury or damage to visitors or goods of visitors. This also includes theft and loss.

During the event (photo) recordings are made. Upon entry, visitors tacitly authorize the organization to reproduce, publicize and / or use these recordings for promotional purposes.

Furthermore, the organization and / or the police intervene in the following cases;

  • Confrontations directed against emergency services, security and / or organization.
  • Confrontations between visitors and / or camping guests.
  • Every form of violence.
  • Arson and / or open fire.
  • Use of motorized vehicles without license plate and insurance certificate.
  • Use of fireworks, carbide and greeting balloons.
  • Possession of weapons and / or drugs.
  • Devices that cause danger or noise pollution.
  • Maximum speed at the campsite is 10 km / hour.

Pay attention:
A valid ID is required! Visitors can be asked upon entry to show proof of identity with photo and age. Failure to show a valid identity card will irrevocably result in the access to the campsite being denied. The camp site can only be entered if you have a valid ticket.